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Energy saving design with high efficiency
Power factor correction (PFC)
Universal 90-250V power supply
2 and 4 channel models
Reliable efficient operation down to 2ohm loads
Variable speed fan cooling
Status and protection indicators
Stereo/parallel/bridge modes
Multiple gain modes
Output limiter
Balanced XLR inputs
Professional speaker connectors
Thermal, overload, DC protection
Thermal, fault and limiter indicators

Slope (1kHz, Bypass LPF): 50V/us
Input Sensitivity 1kHz: 1Vrms
THD+N (10% rated output power): 0.02%
IMD-SMPTE (10% rated output power): 0.05%
DIM30 (10% rated output power): 0.05%
Crosstalk rejection (less than rated power, 20Hz – 1kHz): >80Db
Frequency Response (10% rated output power, 8ohm, 20Hz – 20kHz): 0.2dB
Input Impedance: 20k ohm (bal), 10k ohm (unbal)
Damping Factor (8ohm, 20Hz – 100Hz): 300
S/N ratio (A weighted, 20Hz-20kHz): 105dB
Power supply: 90-260VAC, 50/60Hz
Protection: overoad/thermal/DC output protection
Dimensions (WxHxD) 483mm x 44mm x 323mm
Net Weight: 2channel 5.0kg, 4channel 5.7kg





8ohms Stereo: 2x150watts

4ohms Stereo: 2x225watts

2ohms Stereo: 2x435watts

16ohm Bridged: 300watts

8ohm Bridged: 510watts

4ohm Bridged: 870watts


8ohms Stereo: 2x250watts

4ohms Stereo: 2x425watts

2ohms Stereo: 2x725watts

16ohm Bridged: 500watts

8ohm Bridged: 850watts

4ohm Bridged: 1450watts


8ohms Stereo: 2x450watts

4ohms Stereo: 2x765watts

2ohms Stereo: 2x1300watts

16ohm Bridged: 900watts

8ohm Bridged: 1530watts

4ohm Bridged: 2600watts


8ohms Stereo: 4x150watts

4ohms Stereo: 4x255watts

2ohms Stereo: 4x435watts

16ohm Bridged: 2x300watts

8ohm Bridged: 2x510watts

4ohm Bridged: 2x870watts


8ohms Stereo: 4x250watts

4ohms Stereo: 4x425watts

2ohms Stereo: 4x725watts

16ohm Bridged: 2x500watts

8ohm Bridged: 2x850watts

4ohm Bridged: 2x1450watts


8ohms Stereo: 4x450watts

4ohms Stereo: 4x765watts

2ohms Stereo: 4x1300watts

16ohm Bridged: 2x900watts

8ohm Bridged: 2x1530watts

4ohm Bridged: 2x2600watts

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